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Garmin Edge 130 - Review from a Randonneur (Part 2)

Garmin Edge 130 Grogu Battery Life and Valuable Features like Garmin LiveTrack, Garmin or Strava Segment Support, and Radar

In this second part of my review of the Garmin Edge 130 - Grogu bike computer, I focus on the battery - real endurance and reliability, and then I'll tell you in detail about the LiveTrack feature and support for Garmin or Strava segments.

So, my initial introduction and basic settings of Grogu were already completed.

My overall first impression was WOW! :) Small, but on the other hand, how "harmful" such a small thing can actually be Grogu! :)

Garmin Edge 130 - Review from a Randonneur (Part 1)

I received a very small/compact bike computer, which turned out to be full of all sorts of valuable features for the cyclists - randonneur, valuable capabilities despite its small size.

A true little Jedi. Just like Grogu - the small Jedi baby Yoda from the Star Wars series - The Mandalorian.

And so my new little, but quite powerful for its size friend, Garmin Edge 130 got its name: Grogu

Garmin Edge 530 Altimeter and Grade % Problem and it unexpected Fix

Garmin Edge 530 Altimeter and %Grade Problems and their unexpected Fix

Crash and Fix - Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar

Three months ago, I acquired the Garmin Varia RTL510 bike radar and rear light - second-hand, for only $134 from AliExpress.

The reason why I am sitting down and writing this article on my blog today is that after almost daily active use for three months, the bike radar stopped working...

You can read about why it stopped working and how I was fortunate enough to fix it in the brief review below.

Downshifting as a way of Living

The downshifter is a person who has literally shifted their life into a lower gear.

The term comes from the English word "downshift" - switching to a lower gear.

Downshifters are people who choose voluntarily and for the long term to simplify their lives.

They organize their lives in such a way that they can live comfortably with less money and, in this way, by working fewer hours for the man, they have much more time for the truly important things in life.

EliteWheels Carbon Wheels for road bike Review

This review will be very short, as I only have superlatives to share about the wheels after about 3 months and 2000+ km of testing on both good and bad roads - including several brevets, one of which was the legendary Ruzhevo 400 with strong headwinds and crosswinds and heavy rain, as well as a few shorter 200 km brevets on relatively poor roads.

The New Garmin Edge 540 and 840. Does it make sense to upgrade from 530?

The long-awaited Garmin Edge 540 is finally available Worldwide!

Ever since information about the new Garmin Edge 540 / 540 Solar / Edge 840 and the 840 Solar version of the bicycle computers was leaked on the Internet at the beginning of the month, I have been reading many posts with information about the parameters and capabilities of each of the four new models.

On April 11, as expected, Garmin officially announced the launch of the four new additions to the Edge series.

I have watched dozens of video reviews and read overviews dedicated to the four new Garmin Edge bike computers.

I've watched dozens of videos on YouTube with detailed analysis of the parameters and differences between each one of them.

All that time, I've been asking myself the following IMPORTANT question:

- Is it worth upgrading from the iconic Edge 530 to the new (more expensive) Edge 540 or Edge 840?

My answer now, after tinkering and testing the newly arrived Garmin Edge 540 for a few hours is:

- Oh, YES!!! ... The new Edge 540 is simply amazing! :)