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Run AI Offline on Your Phone: HOWTO Guide for Mistral, Llama2 and Gemma LLMs on Xiaomi 13 Ultra

This is a step-by-step guide on how to run AI locally and offline on your Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

This method is applicable to both rooted and non-rooted smartphones, not just the Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

In order to run the bigger (and more smarter) LLM models with 7 Billion parameters for example you need 12 GB RAM for smooth operation.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra BLOATWARE clean MIUI CN ROM

Replace MIUI Launcher with Nova Launcher & Gestures on Xiaomi CN ROM

if Xiaomi 13 Ultra CN, then DON'T do THIS:

The Unexpected Benefits of Winter Cycling

 Winter cycling is not just another workout in the gym or yet another pointless ride in Zwift!

Cycling outdoors in the winter largely changes the rules of the game.

Pedaling in the cold offers a unique combination of physical and psychological benefits.

Benefits that far exceed the limitations and boredom of indoor training in front of another screen.

In winter, the cold, short days, the temptation to stay comfortably at home – all this makes us less active in one way or another, which in turn inevitably leads to more isolation and a decrease in mood.

But here's the interesting part: winter cycling is not only one of the super effective sports, but also ATTENTION (a surprising fact): there is a much lower likelihood of injuries in winter cycling compared to popular winter sports like cross-country skiing and alpine skiing disciplines.


ChatGPT DESTRUCTION Case. NYT is not telling the full story!

"A destruction order pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 503(b) of all GPT or other LLM models that incorporate works of NYT."

Hello friends, this is the podcast Spirit in a Shell. Here we talk about everything new and interesting from the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Definitely, the new year 2024 has started quite interestingly for the world of Artificial Intelligence.

At the end of last 2023, the NYT started a lawsuit against OpenAI with several specific demands.

One of the demands of the NYT, recorded under item 3 of their demands, I quote: "the destruction of all GPT or other LLM models".

The other demands, of course, are for a lot of money...