Xiaomi 13 Ultra BLOATWARE clean MIUI CN ROM

Replace MIUI Launcher with Nova Launcher & Gestures on Xiaomi CN ROM

if Xiaomi 13 Ultra CN, then DON'T do THIS:

MERINO equipment: Podcast with 30 km/h

Now is the perfect time to talk about MERINO!

The main topic of this podcast and Blog post is  the equipment made of MERINO

Autumn has arrived, and soon winter will come... the astronomical and quite cold winter!

Personally, I'm a fan of riding outdoors 365 days a year, and I really enjoy it.

But to make cycling in a few degrees below zero enjoyable, good equipment is of utmost importance!

And now is the perfect time to talk about MERINO!

As I prepared for this podcast today, I took out most of my cycling gear.

Garmin Edge 540 vs 530 vs 130 review after 8 months

Unnoticed, another 8 months of cycling have passed, and we are already so close to the new winter of 2023.

The only difference from the previous 8 months of cycling is that my old Garmin Edge 530 - Mando has a new owner, and during the last 8 months I am actively testing the new Garmin Edge 540 with the code name Bo.

The Nikname "Bo" is short for Bo Katan Kryze.

In short, because while I remember the full name, my efforts to pronounce Bo Katan Kryze correctly and faithfully are overwhelming. :)

The tradition is that my Garmin bicycle computers receive a Nickname related to a character from the series "The Mandalorian"

This tradition goes many centuries back to the battle against the Empire for the Force. :)

It started from my second Garmin bicycle computer model: Garmin Edge 130 with the Nickname Grogu.

You can read a detailed review of Garmin Edge 130 Grogu  in the publication in the Blog named: Garmin Edge 130 - Grogu Review by a randonneur - Part One

TPU inner bicycle tires test and review

For TPU inner bicycle tires, I found out a little over few months ago.

It happened entirely by chance - I read about TPU tires from a comment by Ivan - a fellow cyclist, under a post in one of the cycling groups on Facebook.

I had just received my new set of Continental GP 5000 tires, and the post on Facebook was precisely about a topic that is extremely important for every cyclist - tires. :)

The colleague had posted a picture of two tiny, thin, green inner tubes and explained that he had recently gotten them and hadn't even tested them yet.

Later, another fellow cyclist, Dimitar, strongly recommended these new TPU tires to me in the Facebook chat. He said he had been using them for a year and a half:

YouTube Podcast. The New Frontier of Podcasting

YouTube's foray into podcasting is not just a new feature; it's a whole new realm for creators.

With its vast user base, YouTube is an ideal platform for podcasters to amplify their voice and reach a global audience.

YouTube is not just expanding its content repertoire with podcasting; it's redefining the podcasting landscape by integrating it into its video-centric platform.

Here’s what makes podcasting on YouTube a game-changer:

  • Integrated Global Platform: YouTube's 2 billion-strong audience is a diverse mix of individuals who are already consuming video content. By adding podcasts to the mix, creators can tap into an existing community that's ripe for audio-visual storytelling.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Podcasts on YouTube benefit from the platform's sophisticated search and discovery algorithms, which can increase visibility beyond traditional podcast platforms.

YouTube's data suggests that podcasts with video elements outperform audio-only content. This is a nod to the platform's visual-centric audience who engage more with content that has a face or story to tell visually.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Video Podcasts: Podcasts with hosts appearing on camera have shown to receive double the views compared to those with static images.
  • Automated Video Creation: For RSS feed submissions, YouTube will automatically generate a video using the provided MP3 and image, crafting a seamless audiovisual experience without extra effort from the creator.