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Unnoticed, another 8 months of cycling have passed, and we are already so close to the new winter of 2023.

The only difference from the previous 8 months of cycling is that my old Garmin Edge 530 - Mando has a new owner, and during the last 8 months I am actively testing the new Garmin Edge 540 with the code name Bo.

The Nikname "Bo" is short for Bo Katan Kryze.

In short, because while I remember the full name, my efforts to pronounce Bo Katan Kryze correctly and faithfully are overwhelming. :)

The tradition is that my Garmin bicycle computers receive a Nickname related to a character from the series "The Mandalorian"

This tradition goes many centuries back to the battle against the Empire for the Force. :)

It started from my second Garmin bicycle computer model: Garmin Edge 130 with the Nickname Grogu.

You can read a detailed review of Garmin Edge 130 Grogu  in the publication in the Blog named: Garmin Edge 130 - Grogu Review by a randonneur - Part One

The long-awaited Garmin Edge 540 is finally available Worldwide!

Ever since information about the new Garmin Edge 540 / 540 Solar / Edge 840 and the 840 Solar version of the bicycle computers was leaked on the Internet at the beginning of the month, I have been reading many posts with information about the parameters and capabilities of each of the four new models.

On April 11, as expected, Garmin officially announced the launch of the four new additions to the Edge series.

I have watched dozens of video reviews and read overviews dedicated to the four new Garmin Edge bike computers.

I've watched dozens of videos on YouTube with detailed analysis of the parameters and differences between each one of them.

All that time, I've been asking myself the following IMPORTANT question:

- Is it worth upgrading from the iconic Edge 530 to the new (more expensive) Edge 540 or Edge 840?

My answer now, after tinkering and testing the newly arrived Garmin Edge 540 for a few hours is:

- Oh, YES!!! ... The new Edge 540 is simply amazing! :)

Garmin Edge 530 Altimeter and %Grade Problems and their unexpected Fix

What are the actual differences between the classic (Tethered) ClimbPro and the latest version called ClimbPro Free Climbing?

Garmin released the new ClimbPro Free Climbing about 2-3 weeks ago, along with the release of the new Garmin Edge 540 / Edge 540 Solar and Edge 840 / Edge 840 Solar on the market.

Garmin Edge 130 Grogu Battery Life and Valuable Features like Garmin LiveTrack, Garmin or Strava Segment Support, and Radar

In this second part of my review of the Garmin Edge 130 - Grogu bike computer, I focus on the battery - real endurance and reliability, and then I'll tell you in detail about the LiveTrack feature and support for Garmin or Strava segments.

So, my initial introduction and basic settings of Grogu were already completed.

My overall first impression was WOW! :) Small, but on the other hand, how "harmful" such a small thing can actually be Grogu! :)

I received a very small/compact bike computer, which turned out to be full of all sorts of valuable features for the cyclists - randonneur, valuable capabilities despite its small size.

A true little Jedi. Just like Grogu - the small Jedi baby Yoda from the Star Wars series - The Mandalorian.

And so my new little, but quite powerful for its size friend, Garmin Edge 130 got its name: Grogu